We are devoted to supplying complete solution for the carbonated beverage filling plant ,including Water treatment system/Carbonated Beverage Processing , Mixing , Pasteurization system and Carbonation System / Washing filling capping machine / liquid nitrogen dosing system / Auto Bottle Checker / Bottle Spraying Warmer & Pasteurization Tunnel /Inverted bottle cap sterilization chain / Bottle Blow Dryer / Laser Inkjet Printer / Automatic labeling machine / Automatic packing machine / Automatic Conveyor System / Automatic Palletizer system and other auxiliary equipment such as transformer , electric generator , steam boiler , CIP cleaning system forklift truck .... etc


Water Treatment System

water filling machine

3-5 Gallon Barrel Water Filling Machine

Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine


FillTech Industrial has invested its best resources in technical research, to design and realize innovative in bottle blowing, filling, capping , labeling and packing systems which enable to respond and reach different demands and achieve new goals everyday, seizing the market's expectations in the pass years . At the same time , we also provides turn-key services for customers, from plant layout, equipment manufacturing, production line setup, to operators training. We are always trying our best to meet the demands of our customers continuously and seeking for mutual development. Today FillTech has enhanced its exsitence both in domestic and global market. Thanks to its various and perfect cases, we provide our customers with delicated and customized solutions at quick response. FillTech machines are utilized in large and small companies all around the world for years Massive experience gained through the years of water, juice , soft drink , beeretc., with all the abundant experience we are able to deal with any problems related to specific customers requirements, such as daily or special products., and perfect the creation of various machine to satisfy any customer's demands.

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Wooden case, standard export package.

Machine packaging PE film inside with wooden pallet.

Disinfect the inside and outside of the car

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Take service and product quality as the criterion, taking customer experience as the measurement standard, we will build high-end brands and benefit global buyers.


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